College Bound Consulting Group

College SearchCollege Search

Information is gathered from the student about lifestyle, academic and financial goals, interests, and preferences. From that, a comprehensive and custom list of up to 12 recommended schools will be developed. The list will be reviewed with the student along with an action plan.

Student Athletes

If your student is an athlete  considering playing their sport in college, Jill O’Keefe will guide them through the NCAA process and review options for recruitment in their sport. Jill will advise the student on which Division I, II or III schools will provide the best match academically, financially and athletically.

Students with Learning Differences

If your student has a learning difference or is on an IEP or Section 504 plan, they have unique needs to consider when applying to college.  Jill will develop an application strategy that defines what schools will be a good fit while guiding the student on how to best demonstrate their capabilities to admissions officers.