Navigate Your College Path With Jill Okeefe


Jill’s focus is first on helping students and their parents understand their college goals, and then matching students with colleges and universities that will enable them to achieve those goals while maximizing affordability. Using collaborative, goal-oriented strategies Jill hopes to reduce the anxiety families feel about the college admissions process.

Jill has advised a broad range of students with interests ranging from small liberal arts schools to the Ivy League and is familiar with the complexities of selecting and applying to colleges across the country and internationally.


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With over 3000 public and private universities to choose from in the United States and Canada, the process of deciding where to apply to college can be overwhelming. Support from Jill O’Keefe, an experienced expert, helps students understand their academic goals, reduces student stress and improves confidence! LEARN MORE…

Is your student uncertain of what they want to study in college? Or do they know where their interests lie but aren’t sure if they are well suited for these careers? A professionally reviewed aptitude assessment can offer guidance and reassurance.


Is your student dreaming of a career in a lab, higher education, clinical setting or veterinary practice? If so, graduate school will likely be part of their future plans. Understanding the process of preparing for graduate school applications is key to success!


About us

Jill O’Keefe is a trained College Counselor with a certificate in College Counseling from the University of California San Diego and owner of College Bound Consulting Group. She has been helping families in the Seattle area and across the country navigate the college admissions process for over ten years.

Jill has a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Alberta. Jill pursues ongoing professional development through memberships in the National Association of College Admission Counseling, Pacific Northwest Association of College Admission Counseling, and professional membership in the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Jill is committed to following established guidelines for professional conduct and best practices.


Meg O’Keefe joined CBCG in 2022 as an administrative assistant. After completing professional training Meg’s role has evolved to include several student focused areas. As a Certified Highlands Ability Battery consultant Meg conducts all student aptitude assessments and follow up guidance. Her interest in writing naturally led to her role in CBCG’s essay development process.


Together Jill and Meg provide the perfect combination of experience and fresh perspective!