Undergraduate College Planning

With over 3000 public and private universities to choose from in the United States and Canada, the process of deciding where to apply to college can be overwhelming. Support from an experienced expert reduces student stress and improves confidence!

College Search

Jill O’Keefe guides students, student athletes, and students with learning differences through this process in a way that is thorough and low-stress. Information is gathered from the student ad parents about lifestyle, academic and financial goals, interests, and preferences. Based on that information, a comprehensive and custom list of recommended schools will be developed. The list will be reviewed with the student and parents to develop an action plan and project timeline.

Standardized Testing

Confused about standardized testing? The national landscape has shifted considerably since the shift to test optional applications during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jill works with families to understand and evaluate testing options, timelines and benefits. This includes test optional considerations, SAT vs. ACT, PSAT for younger students, AP and IB tests.

Essay Development

A strong essay is the hallmark of a successful college application. Jill uses a structured, scaffolded process to guide students through the essay process, distilling brainstorming topics down to a compelling 650 word personal statement that showcases student’s writing skills and who they are not only as an applicant, but as a young adult entering their next stage of life.

Aptitude Assessment

Is your student uncertain of what they want to study in college? Or do they know where their interests lie but aren’t sure if they are well suited for these careers? A professionally reviewed aptitude assessment can offer guidance and reassurance.

Application Review

Knowing what to highlight and how to show colleges who you really are is key to a successful college application. Jill O’Keefe guides students through the college application process in its entirety from essay development to standardized test advising to final review.


Prior to submitting applications, Jill works with students to build a student narrative and application strategy. The application process is broken down into smaller, manageable deliverables so students feel confident that no detail has been overlooked. Jill will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of early action and early decision options, the potential for merit aid, and review all requirements and deadlines

Student Athletes

If your student is an athlete considering playing their sport in college, Jill O’Keefe will guide them through the NCAA recruitment process and review options for recruitment in their sport. Jill will advise the student on schools that will provide the best match academically, financially and athletically.

Students With Learning Differences

If your student has a learning difference or is on an IEP or Section 504 plan, they have unique needs to consider when applying to college. Jill will develop an application strategy that defines what schools will be a good fit while guiding the student on how to best demonstrate their capabilities to admissions officers.

Transfer Applicants

If your student is hoping to transfer to a four year institution Jill offers support throughout the transfer process.

International Families

Unsure of how the U.S. college admissions system works? Families new to the United States receive guidance through an unfamiliar application process.

Exploring College Abroad

Whether you are interested in studying in Canada, the UK or farther afield, Jill will guide you through selecting universities to apply to and developing and submitting applications.

Financial Aid

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of the college application process is financial aid. Jill O’Keefe helps students and parents navigate the complex pieces of the financial aid puzzle.


If your student is to be considered for need-based financial aid, the FAFSA must be completed and submitted in a timely manner. Many private universities also require additional information. Jill O’Keefe explains the process and breaks it down into manageable tasks so students and their parents understand eligibility and how to be considered for loans, grants, work study and scholarships